The unique city where tax was imposed on women covering their breast! You will be surprised to know


In today's time, women have all the same rights as men. Women can wear whatever they want and can walk shoulder to shoulder with men. But this was not the case in earlier times, then women did not have their rights and had to follow many rules.

Women also had to fall prey to many evil practices. One of which we are going to tell you about the misdeed.

We are talking about the 19th century. During that time, there was a ban on women covering breasts in South India. No woman could wear such clothes that keep her breasts covered. To get out of this practice, women had to go through a very tough struggle. The women here are also highly educated.

It was worth noting during that time that the women of Brahmin, Kshatriya, Nambodiri and Naiyar castes were allowed to walk by covering the upper part of their body when they got out of the house. But if Dalit women used to cover their upper body, then they had to pay breast tax named 'Mulakkaram' here.