The story of a Triple agent Spy who was called the real James Bond

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Popov's name is also taken as a triple agent in the history of the espionage world.

It is said that British Naval Intelligence officer Ian Fleming created the character of James Bond only after meeting Dusko Popov.

Popov's codename was 'Agent Tricycle' in Britain's espionage circles.

He spoke English, Italian and French all three languages, he also knew improvisational German.

Gambling, espionage and beauties ... He had mastery of every fun. His name was Popov. We are talking about Dusko Popov, a Serbian double agent who became famous during the Second World War. Popov's name is also taken as a triple agent in the history of the espionage world. It is said that British Naval Intelligence officer Ian Fleming created the character of James Bond only after meeting Dusko Popov.

Some say that during the Second World War, Popov was reported to have attacked Japanese at Pearl Harbor harbour. Popov also told the then FBI director Edgar Hoover about it. If Edgar Hoover had believed Popov's point, the destruction of the Americans at Pearl Harbor could have been avoided.

Who was Dusko Popov

Dusko Popov was born in the year 1912 into a prosperous Serbian family. After studying law at Belgrade University, he moved to Germany for further studies. Dejan Tiago Stankovic, the author of the novel 'Estoril', written against the backdrop of the Second World War, states, "In Germany, Popov had a friendship with people whose strings were linked to the intelligence agency 'Abyehr'. 'Abyehar' approached Popov and offered him to spy on Germany in Britain. '

'Because at that time Germany did not have many foreign spies in Britain. Popov accepted the offer of 'Abyehar' and went directly to the British foreign intelligence agency 'Mi-Six'. Popov told Mi-Six everything. ' With this Popov became a double agent working for both Britain and Germany. This is between the years 1940 to 1944. Popov's codename was 'Agent Tricycle' in Britain's espionage circles.

A smart detective

Eighteen years ago, Britain first made classified documents involving World War II spies and double agents. The BBC's Claire Hills, after looking at those documents, then wrote, 'The most colourful mood detective who works for British interests can only be called by a single codename. He is a Playboy Double Agent. He was a man who could manage both wife and girlfriend together.

Popov used to stay in a special room in London's Savoy Hotel. How is the care of the beauties, Popov was a juggler in this, he got the fame of Playboy. However, the world later learned that Dusko Popov was fond of more than one partner in bed.

A detective who was going to go to another country and the Defense Minister there, interesting story

Major TA Robertson, an officer of the British Intelligence Service, wrote of Popov in an official record, 'On Christmas 1940 I and Tricycle met at lunch at the Quaglinos restaurant in London. From there we went to the Lansdown Club's Berkeley Square to play billiards. Savoy then returned to the hotel for dinner. I think Tricycle enjoyed it a lot. He drank champagne fiercely. '

'Highly confidential'

Popov's importance in Britain's intelligence machinery can also be gauged from the fact that some people also called him the most important agent of the country. Wireless communication, postcards written with non-visible ink, special codes of microdots, Popov's quiver had many such arrows.

Popov had convinced his German comrades that they were giving them important intelligence clues of Britain, while the reality was that Popov was providing this information to Germany only with the consent of MI-Six. There was also a chapter in the agent Tricycle's file called 'Extremely Confidential'. This chapter referred to the incident when a German officer gave Popov a list of questions to gather information about British weapons. German officials wanted to know from Popov what is being produced at factories in Weybridge, Wolwhampton and Dartford in the UK. What kind of guns and weapons does the British military have?

But Popov was a double agent ...

Germany wanted to gather every minute information from Popov. He was asked how many combat aircraft Britain has, how many Spitfires and Hurricane aircraft? What is in the armoured division of the army and what is not. Officials of the British intelligence service prepared answers to these questions for Popov, which would seem real but they were incomplete. Agent Tricycle used to provide this information to the German authorities.

Dusko Popov devised a non-visible ink formula. They used to mix it in a glass of wine. Popov's file mentions dozens of such things. His postcards written with invisible ink, letters sent from airmail that used to be stamped open and exams, letters to girlfriends that were sent to His Majesty's service.

The world's most dangerous intelligence agency has also carried out 'impossible' operation

He spoke English, Italian and French all three languages, he also knew improvisational German. In his message, he gave information about the damage done to the cities of Germany by the bombing of Allied countries. In one such message, Popov had said that the Hamburg port in Germany has suffered a lot from the bombing but it is still worth using.

Very cultured man with a charming personality

About Dusko Popov, a British army officer wrote, "Agents leave no chance to embarrass Tricycle Germany. On one occasion in 1941, Popov even said that within two years he was fully confident of Britain's victory because both Germany's economy and moral strength had weakened.

In one such ritualistic message, Popov was described as a 'person with no zeal'. The whole message was in these words, 'He has personality, charm. He lives in a social circle in any city of Europe or America as if it were his home. It is like an international playboy. In peace, he spends a month or more in Paris. She especially likes the beauty of beautiful women.

The most interesting thing was that Agent Tricycle refused to take money from the British intelligence service. Popov said that he is happy to work for the country for which he has sincere devotion and Germany gives him a lot of money according to his need. But on several occasions, the British intelligence service provided him with money. One such record reads, 'Friday, March 14, 1941. I met Tricycle over lunch in Savoy. When Tricycle told me that he did not have the necessary money to pay the bill, he looked tired. From this, it seems that his last evening will be very expensive.

Portugal at the time of the second world war

After training in Italy, the British sent Popov to Portugal, where his German boss was staying at the 'Casino Estoril' hotel. "At that time, Portugal's historic 'Casino Estoril' hotel used to be a hotbed of espionage," explains Dejan Tiago Stankovic.

'Casino Estoril' was a beach resort outside the city of Lisbon. Historian Irene Pimentel states, 'Portugal was a neutral country at the time of the Second World War. Like other neutral countries of Europe, espionage activities were at their peak in Portugal. Detectives were littered everywhere in the hotel lobby, bars. They were mostly from Germany and Britain.

'They used to greet each other, meet and live in secrecy. Popov and his German boss used to share information through numbers on the roulette table (a kind of gambling game) of 'Casino Estoril'.

The great scientist of India, who for many years was considered the 'traitor' of the country

Had the world not been struggling with the furore of the Coronavirus at this time, James Bond's 'No Time to Die' would have been at the box office. "During the Second World War, Dusko Popov and Ian Fleming met at the 'Casino Estoril' hotel on a summer night in 1941," says Dejan Tiago Stankovic.

Ian Fleming was then a British Naval Intelligence officer and later became famous worldwide for playing the character of James Bond. Dejan Tiago Stankovic says, "I believe the idea of ​​James Bond in Ian Fleming's heart must have come from the same place after that meeting."

After Portugal, Dusko Popov's separate mission was America. Dejan Tiago Stankovic says, 'Popov was gambling in Estoril the night before he went to America. The next day he had to go on a journey, so he had a lot of money. The Germans gave him this money. They were behaving very carelessly at the gambling table. Appearing with different girls. His personality did not look like a detective at all. That's when Ian Fleming got his eye on him. '

Portugal's 'Casino Estoril'

Both Fleming and Popov were in Estoril at the same time. Both of the check-in documents are fitted in the display of Hotel Palacio Estoril. In 1969, parts of James Bond's film On Her Majesty's Secret Service were shot in this hotel. The hotel also has a suite called James Bond in which guests can stay.

Dezan Tiago Stankovic explains, 'We have information that Fleming and Popov used to stay here regularly. There is every possibility that Fleming and Popov would have met that night in the casino. However, Fleming never wrote anything about meeting Popov, so his story is not known to the world.

But after Fleming's death, Popov wrote his autobiography 'Spy Encount Spy', in which he claimed that it was from him that Fleming inspired James Bond. James Bond's film 'Casino Royale' is actually 'Casino Estoril'.

The world's most frightening and mysterious killer, who was called half-demon-half-human

Inspiration for James bond

Dejan Tiago Stankovic says, 'There have been little detectives in history whose personality resembles the character of James Bond, but Dusko Popov was someone who looked like James Bond. Yes, except for the habit of drinking alcohol. Popov claimed that he could not drink like James Bond, but 007's character is undoubtedly fond of alcohol. '

In connection with the research for his book 'Estoril', Dejan Tiago Stankovich found that Fleming had created something for his character, James Bond, with expensive things, a jovial lifestyle and a fondness for beautiful women, which seems to be largely inspired by Popov is. Dusko Popov's dating record suggests that he had relationships with many women. French actress Simone Simone is also named among Popov's girlfriends.

Tricycle codename

Many people also say that Popov received the codename of Agent Tricycle because he was a triple agent and also worked for America. Dejan Tiago Stankovic tells another story of this, the story I'm sure is that Popov had been informed of the Japanese attack on the Pearl Harbor port, but he was so blatant and so stupid that American intelligence Edgar Hoover, the then director of the agency FBI, could not believe him. Hoover did not trust him. Popov did not look like a person who had such reliable information. '

After all, why did Germany's intelligence officers trust Popov so much? Dejan Tiago Stankovic says, 'When Popov's family was struggling with poverty in Belgrade, they were playing with wealth. Thousands were blown away. Popov's family was held hostage during the Nazis attack in Belgrade. That is why Germany felt that Popov could be trusted. But Popov's double game never stopped, because Popov aimed to get more money than anything else. '

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