The mother screamed with the pain while breastfeeding to the newborn, when she opened her mouth and saw ..


Something happened to a child in Ireland that even medical science was surprised. Yes, the 2-month-old baby was crying as soon as he woke up in the morning. Then the mother of this child thought that the child is hungry. The woman started breastfeeding her. Then she suddenly felt pain and screamed out of the woman's face.

When the woman opened her mouth to the child, she was surprised. The 2-month-old baby had a tooth in her mouth that had pierced her. The woman immediately went to the doctor without delay, where the doctor took out teeth. But doctors could not understand the reason for this tooth that came out in one night.

The city's famous dentist took out the teeth of the child, but the dentist present there was surprised by this. They were taking selfies with teeth. Tara told that we have come home with this tooth. When Oscar grows up, she will tell her about this experience and teeth. Tara believes that she was initially scared of it but it was a fun event.