The most expensive city in the world, where people live in the place of a grave! Click here to know


We all need a house to live, whether it is small or big, but we need a house. By the way, some believe that the larger the house, people consider it very rich and respectable. Many big and small houses are seen in today's city. But today we are going to tell you about a city where people live in houses of grave size.

By the way, people adjust to small homes in big cities. But there is a city in the world which is becoming expensive and due to rising inflation people live in tomb-shaped houses.

We are talking about Hong Kong where people live very rarely. Seeing these pictures, you will also find small huts bigger. For your information, tell us that these houses built in Hong Kong are called Coffin Homes.

In these houses, everything is on a single bed and there is no place for a person to spread his legs. Even where there is a kitchen, there is a bathroom. Where hen or birds are seen kept in cages, humans are also forced to live in this cage in this country.