The girl was upset with stomach pain, after seeing her bloated stomach the mother took her for the  CT Scan, doctors were also surprised to see the report


A very shocking case has come up in China and you will also be surprised to know. After knowing this matter, you will also think that how this can happen? Actually, in China, 1.5 kg hairball has come out from the stomach of an 8-year-old girl.

After complaining of stomach ache and vomiting by the girl, the family took her to the hospital. Seeing the bloated stomach, the doctor started treatment. But even after this, the child did not get any improvement. After this, the doctor has done the CT Scan, in which they saw a ball of hairs in her stomach. The doctor did the operation and removed this bunch.

This case is in Guangdong city of China, where Feifei has been suffering from intermittent stomach pain for a week. She was treated at Donghuha Hospital.

Actually, in this scan, the doctors saw a huge lump of hair tangled with food residues inside the baby's stomach. It could not be removed by endoscopy because it was absolutely stony. After the operation, the entire bunch was taken out.

The child was eating hair for 2 years

Feifei had a bad habit of eating hair from the age of 2. Her mother tried desperately so that she can get rid of this habit, but it was very difficult. The doctor said that this habit of eating hair is a symptom of Pica. Pica is a type of eating disorder in which people develop an appetite to eat goods that do not have any nutritional value.

Feifei’s mother is now monitoring her daughter more frequently to ensure her daughter does not eat her hair anymore. The young girl is currently recovering from the surgery and has started eating food again.