The dreadful story of a dictator emperor, he used to hang, on hearing the name of the goat.


You must have heard and read about many such kings and emperors in history, whose stories inspire. At the same time, there have been some kings, whose stories give a shudder. One such king was Gaius Julius Caesar Germanicus i.e. Kaligula, who was the third emperor of Rome. He is considered one of the world's strangest kings and dictators. Julius Caesar is said to have claimed himself to be a descendant of Venus, considered the goddess of Rome. Let's know some interesting things about Julius Caesar, about which you are hardly aware of.

It is said that Emperor Julius Caesar hated long hair and that is why when he saw any long-haired person in the empire, he would immediately declare his decision to be bald and apparently obey the king's orders to the people Had to do it only.

Julius Caesar was very fond of horses. His beloved horse was named Insitatus and he loved her so much that a beautiful house was also built for her to live in. Later, his love for horses was transformed into a craze. Due to this craze, he once made the horse a minister of state.

It is said that Julius Caesar loved gold too and that is why he wore more and more gold jewelry. Even taking a bath in a bathtub full of gold jewelry and coins. It is also said that he used to drink molten pearls in vinegar.

It is said that Julius Caesar was thin to look, his complexion was pale and his eyes were sunken, and for this reason, many people compared him to the goat behind his back. So whenever someone mentioned a goat in front of him, he would immediately sentence him to death.