The daughter did such work with her dead body for 10 years after her mother's death, you will be surprised to know!


Everyone has to leave the world one day and always we have seen that they are cremated soon after the death of anyone. But a unique case came to light in Japan in which a daughter hid her mother's body for 10 years in the apartment's freezer. Now you must be wondering why the lady did this.

According to police sources, she did this because she feared that if news of his mother's death came to light, she would be evicted from the house.

Regarding the case, Yoshino says that she hid the body 10 years ago because she did not want to leave the house she shared with her mother.

After 10 years Yoshino was forced to leave the apartment in mid-January for non-payment of rent. Yoshino's mother's body was later found by a cleaner.