The customer gave coins to the waiter in Tip, he became rich by selling only 1 of those


You must have seen the fate of many people reversed overnight. Or someone must have heard about the news of becoming a millionaire from junk. A similar case recently came to light from the UK as well. Here in a pub, a man gave some chillers to a waiter in Tip instead of his service. But he had no idea that these chillers would change his fate.

The story of the social media site waiter is going viral. The waiter was given a 1 euro coin in a tip by a man, but after going home he saw that this coin was a little different. There was an extremely rare mistake in this coin. Due to this mistake, a coin of one hundred rupees was sold on eBay for a price of more than 20 thousand.

The coin that the waiter got was very unique. Generally, UK coins are made of two types of metals. One side of them is made of gold and one side is made of silver. But the coin found by the waiter was made entirely of gold. He put this coin up for auction. There on August 8, a person bought it for about 20 thousand rupees.

Let us tell you that at this time the demand for old coins and notes is very high. Or if there is any mistake in such coins or notes, then lakhs of rupees can be easily earned in exchange for it. You can auction them on many sites.