The boy stop the train and smoke cigarettes in Rajinikanth style, you will be surprised to see the video


In modern times, the craze of selfies and prank videos is increasing. For this, the youth do not hesitate to go to any extent. On many occasions, this act can prove to be dangerous for health. In this sequence, a video is being shared extensively on social media. It is seen in this video that some boys are doing strange things to become famous.

Casablanca Morocco

This prank video could have caused a major train accident. Although all are safe by the grace of God, the boys' mistake is not worth forgiving. Because of this, he had to go to jail as well. It can be seen in the video that some boys want to stop the rail and make a video of them smoking cigarettes in Rajinikanth style. Everything is already fixed. Then a boy sits on the railway track with a table and a chair. At that time the train is about to arrive.

At the same time, the boy's friends are making videos. After a few moments, the sound of a train is heard. All the boys become active. The train is moving forward. However, the speed of the train is slow due to markets and crossings. Then a boy comes running and hands a cigarette to the first boy (sitting on the track). The boy asks to light a match with a cigarette in his mouth. By then the train comes near.

At that time the driver blows the horn several times, but the boy does not move. Seeing this, the driver stops the train. Then the second boy lights the cigarette with the help of a match and the first boy starts puffing. The train stops till then. Such a scene is seen in films. Because of this, the boys who made prank videos have been sentenced to 3 years in prison. Today all three boys are behind bars. This video is from Morocco. This video has been shared by a person named UncleRandom from his account on social media Twitter. He wrote in its caption. This video has been viewed about 7 thousand times till the time of writing this news.