Such a fight between girls outside the coaching center, you will smile after watching the video


Someone has rightly said "Today women are not behind men in any matter" This proverb proves to be true. Today women have overtaken men even in the matter of fighting. Simply put, women are 'preparing to compete with men' in terms of fighting. This is confirmed by the video shared on social media. It can be seen in this video that some girls are fighting fiercely outside the coaching center.

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Seeing the video, it seems that the matter is of a love affair. Well, whatever the case may be. Seeing their fight, it seems that there have been many fights between them in the past as well. It is seen in the video that three girls are in a fighting posture outside the coaching center. The first girl is short in height. Stands in fight pose and challenges both of them to attack. Both the girls also come in awe and start hitting the first girl with kicks and fists.

The little girl starts free kicking in Bruce Lee style. During this, a girl gets sidelined by two slaps. After this, both the girls fight fiercely. At the same time, the boys are having fun standing nearby. No one goes to leave the fight. Another such video is being shared on social media. The video shows a female player violently attacking other players during a football match. Many women players get injured because of this. Seeing this fierce look of the woman, it seems that the era is changing.

This video has been shared on Instagram

This video has been shared by satur_saini from his account on social media Instagram. This video has been liked by more than 8 thousand people as of writing the news. Whereas, some people have commented and advised to send the girls to the border.