Strange: When the hen gave birth to chicks directly without laying eggs, the experts were also shocked!


For centuries, this question has been the subject of debate whether the first chicken or egg came to Earth? No one will have the answer to this matter. Have you ever heard that hen has directly produced chickens instead of eggs?

Some time ago an incident took place in a village in Odisha, which experts and scientists were all surprised to know. Everyone was surprised to know this and after the chicks were born, everyone was coming to see that chicken.

The incident took place in Ichhapur village of Sarabong panchayat of Komna block of Nuapada district of Odisha. Ambika Majhi, a resident of the village, had given birth to a chicken directly instead of an egg. Even before this, the hen had laid many eggs, but this was the first time she gave birth to chickens directly.

After laying nine eggs, she went away and sat down. The owner of the hen visited her after some time and saw that the hen had been sitting in one place for a long time. The owner thought that the chicken might have laid another egg but when the hen arose he was stunned to see it.

Ambika Majhi noticed that the chicken has given birth to chicks directly and there are no broken eggs around it. The chick had been alive for ten minutes, then died. Although the hen was perfectly healthy.