Strange practice: where this part of women is cut off after the death of a man


We are not aware of the Indian tradition, but today we will not tell you about the Indian tradition but about a foreign tradition, which you will be surprised to know about. Today you will be stunned to know about this incredible tradition.

It is the tradition of a tribe that if a man dies from a family, then the hand of the women of his family is cut off. This tribe lives in western New Guinea, Indonesia, people of this tribe still believe in the old customs.

It is a tradition in this tribe that whenever a man of a family dies, the finger of the women of that family is cut off. The people of this tribe believe that the pain of the finger of women brings peace to the soul of a person who dies.

After the death of a person, the finger of the women of that family is not easily cut, but before cutting the finger, the women are tied for half an hour and after that the fingers are cut and burnt in the burning fire for hours.