Some unique traditions related to transgender that you are probably unaware of!

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The transgender world is completely different from ordinary people. They do not get enough respect in society. Due to this, they also face problems in employment. They are forced to beg. Until now it was considered a crime in law. But due to the compulsion of the transgender, the proposed provision of the Transgender's Persons Bill, 2019 was lifted. Today we will tell you about some such unique traditions related to transgender, about which you are hardly aware...


1. Very few people marry transgender very rarely, so their society has a different tradition. According to the tradition of transgender, they get married once a year and they become widows the next day. According to tradition, a transgender is married to his deity Iravana.

2. Be aware that before the Mahabharata war, the Pandavas had decided to sacrifice a prince in the worship of mother Kali. Irawan was ready for this, but his condition was that he would not complete this task without marriage. Since Iravan was about to die, no girl wanted to marry him. Sri Krishna then married Moravan as Mohini.

3. It is said that the wedding ceremony is organized with great pomp in the Kinnar society. They also take out a procession with the idol of Iravan. The very next day after the marriage is over, the eunuchs mourn like a widow after putting off makeup and wearing white clothes.

4. Apart from the marriage of a transgender, the facts related to his death are also very interesting. It is said that instead of mourning the death of someone in eunuchs, they celebrate happiness. Because they believe that death will give them salvation.

5. The funeral of the transgender is kept secret. The last journey is taken at night instead of a day. It is believed that it is inauspicious to see their dead bodies. Kinnars do not want another person to be born like them in the next life.

6. The body is beaten with shoes and slippers before the funeral, under a tradition associated with the carcass of transgenders. This makes atonement for all sins committed in that birth.

7. In transgender, the corpse is buried instead of burnt. Also, in case of death in the community, they do not eat for the next week.

8. Most of the traditions of transgender are performed according to the Hindu religion, but most of their gurus are of the Muslim community.

9.. According to the tradition of the transgender community, they have to get up at 6 am. After this, they have to leave the house for their livelihood after doing routine work.


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