SHOCKING! The woman ordered chicken, then a deep-fry towel came out in it! 


A woman was shocked when she found that instead of fried chicken in her takeaway order, she got a deep-fried towel. Yes, you heard it right. Alique Perez had ordered food from Jollibee in the Philippines on Tuesday. When the order was delivered, she tried to cut some chicken for her son, however, the woman was surprised to see what came out of it.

The lady said "Just something came out of the chicken which disappointed me. We ordered through Grab at Jollibee. Had an order for chicken for my son, when I was trying to cut it, I Couldn't find any piece. Tried to open it with my hands and my surprise was a deep-fried towel. It's really annoying... how do you put the towel in the batter and fry it too !?!?"

She wrote that she thought people complained about getting "strange stuff" in their food. "Now I know it really happens. So disgusting and shameful...