Rochak News: a child born with three genitals! Doctors were surprised to see


In this world, many children are born every second, some of whom are born differently than others. Some of their organs develop strangely. One such unique case of the world has come out from Iraq which is bizarre in itself.

Here a child was born with three genitals. The doctors were also surprised after the matter came to light as it is the first child born with three genitals. It is called Triphala in medical parlance. According to the Daily Mail, one such case was reported in India. Where a boy had three genitals.

Doctors underwent surgery to remove two additional genitals of the child. Only one of those three genitals was functional. The doctors found out in the investigation that two more genitals were emerging while one was coming out near the root of the penis, the other is located below the scrotum.

Doctors said that one in five to six million boys are born with more than one genitals. More than 100 cases have been registered in the names of children born with two genitals. Initially, the boy's parents took him to the hospital due to swelling in his scrotum, but when he reached the doctors, he noticed that the boy had two extra genitals.