OMG: This prince had put her mother under house arrest, this was the reason


There have been many rulers in the world, who have been famous for one reason or the other. Today we are going to tell you a thing about Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman of Saudi Arabia, about which you may not believe.

The image of Mohammed bin Salman is that of a person who talks for the rights of women. However, once he got angry, he put his mother under house arrest for a long time. According to the news, Ben Hubbard, an American journalist, and writer who has worked in Saudi Arabia for a long time revealed his book in this regard.

Many news has also been revealed in this regard. It has been reported in the news that Prince Mohammed bin Salman has kept his mother captive and hidden somewhere. According to reports, Prince Mohammed bin Salman hid his mother in such a place that she was not known until around 2016. Even the King of Saudi Arabia could not know for a long time that his son was responsible for this act.