OMG!This girl charges three thousand rupees per hour for sleeping with you in hugging position


Everyone likes to find new ways to earn money or situations to make them search for new ways. One such work started by a young lady named Jackie Samuel. This young woman has embraced a new business which is being done in New York, USA. This girl has adopted this snuggling (sleep in hugging position) profession and charges Rs 3,000 per hour. She earns about 14 thousand rupees in exchange for gold like this daily.

The 32-year-old Samuel, from Rochester, New York, embraced the sleeping profession due to lack of money. They believe that there is nothing bad in it. She spends this week with about 30 men, from soldiers to pensioners.

According to her, during this period, any kind of obscene act is banned. Also, touching the part of the body covered with undergarments is prohibited, but still people consider this profession bad. She says that some of her old customers are those whose wives have died. Some want to experience sleeping with a girl for the first time. Some are surrounded by their domestic troubles.