OMG: Such a mysterious lake in the world, where there are 260 days of the year are stormy!


Even now, many such incidents keep happening in the world, the reasons for which even scientists are not able to find out. Today we are going to give you information about a similar incident, about which you will also be surprised to know.

There is such a place in the South American country of Venezuela where there is a lightning strike all the time over a lake located there. Surprisingly, even scientists have not been able to find out the reasons behind this incident.

In this way, lightning never flashes twice in the same place in the sky, but you will be surprised that lightning flashes thousands of times over the lake in the South American country of Venezuela.

This mystery is called the Beacon of Maracaibo. This place of Venezuela is also called the natural powerhouse of the world. According to reports, the place where the Catatumbo River falls into Lake Maracaibo in Venezuela. There are 260 stormy days in a year at that place. These days, lightning keeps on flashing throughout the night.