OMG: In this country, a woman gave birth to ten children, a world record!


Have you ever dreamed that a woman can give birth to ten children at the same time? Yes, it has happened. This miracle happened in South Africa. Here a woman has given birth to ten children.

However, this cannot be confirmed by the doctor yet. According to reports, a 37-year-old woman from South Africa, Gosiame Thamara Sitole, has given birth to ten children. Of these, seven are sons and three are daughters.

If this news is correct, then the world record for giving birth to most children will be recorded in the name of this South African woman. The matter has not been confirmed by the doctors yet. This record is currently registered in the name of a woman from Mali.

She had given birth to 9 children in Morocco just a month ago. Sitole's husband Tebogo Tsotetsi told that he is feeling very happy after the birth of the children.