OMG! Here poisonous snakes are used instead of oil while massaging.


In today's times, people often resort to massage to relieve fatigue and restlessness, where massage provides relief from pain. By the way, all people use oil for massage.

But today, we are going to tell you about a unique massage in which snakes are used instead of oil. Yes, you will be surprised to hear this, but it is true.

A snake is being used to massage at an Egyptian spa center. Regarding this massage, it is being claimed that it gives immense relief to the body and also eliminates the pain. So let's know how to massage.

During the massage, living snakes are left on people's backs and faces. People get relief from body pain with this massage. According to the news agency Reuters, during the snake massage, the oil is first rubbed on the client's back and then released on the body of the python and about 28 different types of non-venomous snakes.