OMG! A woman gave birth to 9 children simultaneously! You will be surprised to know


You must have heard that a woman has given birth to twins or 3 children together, but today we are going to tell you about a case that you will be surprised to know about. A woman has given birth to 9 children simultaneously in Mali, Morocco. All children and the mother are healthy.

The woman's name is Halima CJ and is 25 years old. She was sent to Morocco on 30 March for good care. Moroccan officials have not confirmed this yet. Health Ministry spokesman Rachid Kaudhary said he had no such information about this, but Mali's health ministry issued a statement saying that Halima had given birth to five girls and four boys by cesarean section.

According to the Mali health ministry, the woman underwent an ultrasound, which revealed that she had seven children in her womb. Everyone was surprised to hear this news, but when the woman gave birth to nine children.