Offbeat: So due to this reason, the skin of hands and feet shrinks due to staying in water for a long time.


Internet desk. Many times you must have noticed that due to being in the water for a long time, the skin of hands and feet shrinks. Although this shrinkage also happens for some time, do you know the reason for this, otherwise today we are going to give you information about it.

According to the news, an oil called sebum is found on the top layer of our skin, which gives moisture and smoothness along with protecting the skin. This oil acts like a raincoat on the skin.

For this reason, sebum oil present on the skin gets dusted off by staying in water for a long time. Due to this, our skin starts shrinking due to water entering the skin. When this water entering the upper layer of the skin evaporates, then our skin comes to its earlier state. It does not cause any damage.