Offbeat: Ghosts are making Hotels and big buildings building in this country!


You must have heard many cases related to ghosts in the world. Many people believe in these things while some people do not believe in these things. But do ghosts exist? But today we are going to tell you about news about which you will be stunned.

Now people living in Manchester are getting many proofs about the existence of ghosts, these proofs can also be seen on the phone's Google Maps.

Twitter user Kimberly shared these pictures and told how people are seeing these photos on Google Maps, but when they really go to that place, then there will be no such building.

On social media, Twitter user Kimberly shared it by taking a screenshot. The photo shows many expensive and large buildings in the Google Map near the Lowry Hotel and Local Magistrates Court near the city's Bridge Street. Which has been named Weird Phantom Buildings but in reality, this building is not there at that place.

Many people also shared their experiences after seeing the tweets associated with these buildings. While some people claimed to have seen ghosts, many referred to seeing UFOs. A person living there said that he has been seeing and hearing very strange things since the 70s. Many people are hoping that there is some secret here, which has not come in front of anyone.