Odd way to get rid of the fear of Corona, frightened zombies will tell ghostly stories


Due to the global epidemic coronavirus, fear is spreading among people all over the world. Many people have changed their way of life due to fear of this epidemic. While some people are engaged in strengthening their immune system, many people are trying various ways to overcome the fear of death from the corona. Due to the death caused by this deadly virus, many people have had a profound impact on their hearts and minds. But to overcome this fear, a very strange method is being adopted in Japan.

A group from Japan has figured out a strange way to end Corona's fears. For this, the scared person is littered in the coffin and the zombies roam around in their arms. These zombies also emit scary sounds. They believe that doing so removes the fear of death.

Square squad show

According to Kenta Ivana, co-ordinator of 'Kovagasettai', a production company, many people are living under stress due to this epidemic. To overcome their stress and fear, they created a 15-minute show called Scare Squad. There will be something during this show that people will be forced to scream continuously. Doing so will relieve stress and fear of death.

Fake hands touch

During this show, a person scared of Corona will be lynched in a box. During this, the recounting story is told to the recumbent person, while zombie also creates scary scenes through acting. Along with this, the fake person will be touched with a fake hand to intimidate the person lying in the box.

Source of income

Lockdown due to the coronavirus is in force and unemployment has increased. In this case, the horror show of Kenta Ivana can become a good source of income. Kenta said that this is a very good business, which also satisfies our customers.