Many countries were afraid of this Mughal emperor, Know who was he...


Aurangzeb was the sixth Mughal emperor. He was born on 3 November 1618 under the full name Abul Muzaffar Muhi-ud-din Muhammad Aurangzeb. He died on 3 March 1707. Most parts of the Indian subcontinent were under his power. Let us know more interesting facts about Aurangzeb below:

1. Victory:

Let us tell you that Aurangzeb is said to be one of the greatest Mughal emperors. 1690 His empire grossed approximately $ 38,624,680 annually. He also expanded his area to 32 million square kilometers

2. Dispute:

The controversial aspect of his reign was his policies that gave up pluralism. The Mughal army and treasury were depleted due to rebellions and wars led by the Sikhs.

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3. Strong ruler:

Let us tell you that Aurangzeb was famous as a strong and powerful ruler. However, his Mughal empire was soon ruled out as he died in 1707.

4: Date of birth:

Aurangzeb was born on 14th October 1618 in Dahod, Gujarat. His father was the famous Shah Jahan, while his mother was Mumtaz Mahal. He was the third son of the family.

5. His father's life:

Shah Jahan was the Governor of Gujarat only. After the unsuccessful attempt of rebellion by Shah Jahan, the Lahore court of Nur Jahan and Jahangir held Aurangzeb and his brother Dara Shikoh hostage. Get the facts about Agra Fort here.

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6: Mughal Emperor:

On 26 February 1628, Shah Jahan became the Mughal Emperor. Then Azrangzeb could reside with his parents in Agra Fort. He also received this formal education here. He learned Persian and Arabic.

7. Execution of opponents: