Luck of the worker, Three diamonds worth lakhs of rupees found in an excavation


Panna district of Madhya Pradesh is famous for the precious diamond mines all over the world. The land of emerald is such that in one stroke, people can make a king from the rank. Here, Ratnagrabha Earth is continuously pouring out precious gems. The fate of a laborer in Jarupur village of Panna district shone when he found three diamonds while digging in the mine. The cost of these diamonds has been estimated in millions.

In fact, on Thursday, laborer Subal got three diamonds simultaneously from Jarupur shallow mine in Panna district. The different weight of these diamonds is 4.45, 2.16, 0.93 carats, while the total weight is 7.59 carat. These diamonds are of gem quality. Subal got these diamonds when he was cleaning the soil of the mine with water.

Normally a carat diamond costs Rs 5 lakh. On this basis, the price of diamonds received by Subal is estimated to be between 30 to 35 lakh rupees. The laborers have reached and deposited these diamonds with their colleagues in the diamond office.

According to RK Pandey, a diamond officer of Panna district, during the excavation of a shallow diamond mine on Thursday, a worker found three diamonds weighing seven and a half weight carats. According to the rules, these diamonds will be auctioned and the remaining 88 percent amount will be given to the laborers after deducting 12 percent tax.

The diamond office will auction these diamonds in the next auction. For these diamonds in the bid, whatever price will be received, Subal will be entitled to 88 percent of that amount. With so much money, the fate of Subal will definitely change and he will be able to live a happy life.