Know the complete history of Firaj Shah Tughlaq, whose name is Delhi Stadium


The historic Feroz Shah Kotla Stadium in Delhi is now being renamed after Arun Jaitley. But, who was Feroz Shah Kotla after whom this stadium was named. The stadium has witnessed cricket history for years. This stadium comes under the Delhi District Cricket Association.

Born in 1309, Phinoz Shah Tughlaq was the ruler of the Tughlaq dynasty in the Delhi Sultanate. Feroz Shah Tughlaq was sitting on the throne of Delhi Sultanate at the age of 45. He introduced silver coins under his rule. With the coronation in 1351, he waived all the debts of his princely state. After becoming the ruler, Feroze Shah withdrew many of the decisions that were taken by his earlier rulers. Feroz Shah Tughlaq founded the city of Fatehabad on the birthday of his son Fateh Khan.

Historians consider Firozabad as the fifth city of Delhi. During Feroze's reign, the number of workings reached about 1,80,000. Dewan-e-Bandagan was established to take care of them. Some workers were sent to the provinces and the rest were kept in the center. Cash salaries or plots were given to the workers. Let us tell you that there is the tomb of Ferozeshah Tughlaq in Hauz Khas. Many mosques were also built in Delhi under the rule of Ferozeshah.