Know how the beginning of Kalyuga Started, You will be surprised to know the truth


It is at that time that all the Pandavas handed over their kingdom to Arjun's son King Parikshit and went for India tour. After completing heir India's tour, all the Pandavas decided to go to heaven. After that, all of them departed towards Pandav heaven. Kali Yuga has arrived since the reign of King Parikshit. When all the Pandavas departed for heaven, Kalyug started to show his influence and started beating the bull first in Kalyug.

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When King Parikshit saw this scene, he ran to kill Kaliyuga. After that, in Kalyuga, he accepted defeat in front of King Parikshit and asked Raja Parikshit a place to stay for himself, then King Parikshit told Kali Yuga that you should go to that place where there is wrongdoing, theft, robbery etc.listening to this the Kalyug was not satisfied, he again asked Raja Parikshit to give him a better place. King Parikshit then asked Kalyug to stay in Gold. He gave the boon to Kalyug to reside in gold, thus the Kalyug resided in the crown of King Parikshit because the crown of King Parikshit was also made of gold.

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By staying in the crown of King Parikshit, Kalyug was now showing his influence. In Kalyug, Raja Parikshit was the first to get a rape done by King Parikshit, whose punishment King Parikshit had to pay by his death. Thus, it was through King Parikshit that he started showing his influence on this earth in Kali Yuga and took the whole world in his grip.

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