Is female donkey milk being sold in India for Rs 7,000 per liter? Know the reality


To call someone a donkey is considered to be called a fool. Apart from this, many people also call those who work continuously in the common colloquium as 'donkey-workers'. Donkeys have been used in India to carry burdens but after the arrival of motor vehicles, the number of donkeys has decreased considerably in the last few years. But now such things are coming out about donkeys, which may make people interested in increasing their number.

It is being claimed that due to the benefits of donkey milk, it can sell up to Rs 7,000 per liter. So let's know what are the benefits of donkey milk and how can it cost up to Rs 7,000 per liter?

Benefits of donkey milk

The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations has found in its research that the milk of many animals is underestimated, including donkey and mare milk. The organization says that the protein in donkey and mare's milk is such that it is much better for those who are allergic to cow's milk. The organization also writes that this milk is like human milk, which has less protein and fat content but more lactose. It further states that it bursts soon, but its cheese cannot be made.

The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations also says that it is also used in the cosmetics and pharmaceutical industries. Because it also has properties to heal cells and increase immunity. It is said that the ancient Egyptian female ruler Cleopatra bathed in donkey milk to preserve her beauty.

Doctor MS Basu, former director of NRCG, ​​says that there are two major benefits of donkey milk, first, it is like female milk, and secondly, it contains anti-aging, anti-oxidant, and regenerating compounds, which nourish the skin Apart from giving, it helps in softening it. Doctor Basu says, "There is much research yet to be done on donkey milk in India. Because people are not aware of its benefits. While in Europe people are quite aware of it, working women are not ready for their newborns." The pasteurized milk is used by the donkey and now the US has also given permission for it. It also contains lactose, vitamin A, B-1, B-2, B-6, vitamin D, and vitamin E. Milk soap, cream, moisturizer is in demand in the market and today many women in India are using these products made from milk. "

Doctor Basu says that fewer products are being produced in India than donkey milk, but when there is an increase in it, there will be a shortage of donkey milk because the number of donkeys in India is continuously decreasing.

How much milk does a donkey give?

NRCE is bringing Halari breed donkeys from Gujarat for dairy milk dairy. Professor D.N., Chairman of the Department of Animal Genetics and Breeding of Anand Agricultural University Ranka says that this is the first time such work has been done about the breeds of donkeys in India.

He says, "In India, only the Spiti breed of donkeys was recognized. Now the Harali breed donkeys found in Jamnagar and Dwarka of Gujarat have also been recognized. This donkey is slightly higher than the common donkeys and smaller than the horses and white. Until now. In India, the breed of donkeys roaming the streets was not identified, but now two breeds have been recognized which is a good thing. "

Professor Ranke says that taking care of donkeys and doing random work with them cannot provide milk. They say that a donkey gives a maximum of half a liter of milk in a day and the milk of each donkey can increase by the way of its maintenance.

Donkey milk is Rs 7,000

The milk business in India is not the way it has started in Europe and America. Professor Ranke says that India is just beginning, donkey milk is expensive but it is not selling till Rs 7,000 per liter right now. He says that various media institutions have also given the figure of Rs 7,000 per liter abroad.

At the same time, Dr. Basu says that this is just the beginning, but keeping a farm in the ass has been practiced by few people in Tamil Nadu, Kerala, or Gujarat, and its trading is mostly online. Salim Abdul Latif Dadan runs a website from Mumbai called Very Rare that sells camel, sheep, cow, and donkey milk as well as ghee and milk powder made from it online. He says, "The price of donkey milk is not fixed and it does not come from any farm. We get this milk from our people from the village. Most people take this milk only for the use of medicines and cosmetics." Huh."

Salim says that it can cost Rs 7,000 per liter when you are sending it to someone far away because it deteriorates quickly, if you touch it in Mumbai itself, you will get Rs 5,000 per liter. He says that apart from the product of soaps and cosmetics, it is also very useful in bacterial infections of the stomach.