Interesting story of Mumbai, Portugal gave it to England in dowry


Located on the west coast of India, the city of Mumbai, formerly known as Bombay or Bombay. Mumbai is also called the Gateway of India and the city of dreams. Do you know that this city is formed from seven small lava-forming islands and is connected with major plots by bridges? Although the history of Mumbai is very old, an interesting incident happened with this city in the 17th century, about which very few people would know. Today we are going to tell you about this interesting incident, knowing that you will also be surprised.

Ancient remains found near Kandivali in North Mumbai suggest that the Mumbai Islands have been inhabited since the Stone Age. People lived here even in 250 BCE. There is also written evidence of this. These islands also became part of the Mauryan Empire in the third century BC, when Emperor Ashoka ruled. Later it was ruled by many kings of the empire.

It was first attacked by the Portuguese in the 15th century when the Mumbai Islands were under the occupation of the Gujarat Sultanate. However, it could not capture it at that time. After this, Portugese attacked the Mumbai Islands once again in 1534 AD. Then the Sultan of Gujarat was captured by Bahadur Shah, who was captured by the Portuguese and took possession of this island. He then ruled the islands for many years.

When the British first came to India in the early 17th century, they also got their eyes on the Mumbai Islands, because by that time the islands had become an important commercial center. It is said that there were many disputes between the British and the Portuguese on this island group. The feud between the two later ended when the King of Portugal decided to marry his daughter Catherine to King Charles II of England.

Princess Catherine of Portugal and King Charles II of England were married in 1661 AD. Actually this marriage was a marriage treaty. Although Portugal gave England a lot in this wedding, but the most important thing that she gave was the Mumbai Islands. Portugal gave Mumbai to the King of England as a dowry. However, later King Charles II leased the Mumbai Islands to the East India Company at a rate of just £ 10 per year. In this way the British occupied Mumbai, which remained with india till the independence of India.