In this Indian village men & women can live in even if they aren't married, know the reason behind it


It has been observed in the present time that Indian people have gradually started adopting western culture. One of them is a live-in relationship, in which people can live in even if they aren't married and can understand one another. But you must be surprised to know that there is a tribe in the state of Rajasthan that has been following it like a tradition for many years.

Garasia tribe from the northwestern state of Rajasthan has allowed live-in relationships outside wedlock for 1000s of years. You may find it a little weird but this tradition has been following by the people of Garasia tribe in Rajasthan for 1000 years. This tradition is followed by Garasia tribe living in Sirohi and Pali of Udaipur city. If you look closely to the tradition then you will surely see glimpse of today's live in relationship.

According to the traditions of this tribe, boys and girls are allowed to live in with their partner and can marry each other after the birth of child.

Not only that teenage children befriend with with their choice of partner in 'Two-day courtship fair' held in Gujarat and parts of Rajasthan. They live together, without marrying each other.

According to the believe of the people of Garasia tribe many years ago tribe's four brothers went and settled some where. Three of them got married and a boy have chosen live in relationship. No one among 4 got blessed by a child except who was chosen live in relation Since than this tradition has been followed by this tribe. This tradition is called 'Dapa tradition'.