In this famous temple of Rajasthan, people offered gold and silver ornaments as well as dollars and crores of rupees


Many temples of Rajasthan are very famous in the world. The Sanwaliya Seth temple located near Chittorgarh district is also one of these.

In this temple of Rajasthan, people make fierce offerings of dollars, rupees, gold and silver ornaments, and even gold biscuits. Lord Sanwalia Seth is considered to be the trade partner of the businessmen working here.

Many businessmen believe that Sanvaliyaji is their business partner. Before sending their consignment, big traders bow their heads on the doorstep of this temple and consider Sanvaliyaji as their companion. Once they make a profit, they offer a part of their profit to the Lord.

According to reports, the temple trust officials told that the donation box of this temple is opened every year on Krishna Paksha Chaturdashi. This time, when the donation box was opened on Krishna Chaturdashi, one kg gold biscuits, gold and silver jewelry, and more than Rs 5.48 crore have been received in the donation box in Sanvaliyaji temple. For the first time, 125 notes of 100 dollars have also been found in it.