In this disease, women cross the limits of sex


Do you know that there is some such disease also, due to which the desire for sex is more than the limit? How much can you consider this limit 5 -10 times or more. But you are wrong this is 50 to 100 times. Yes, there is a similar disease that leads to a desire to have sex 50-100 times a day or to feel like having sex. The disease is named PGAD (Persistent Genital Arrhythmia Disorder).

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Very few people have PGAD disease. Some examples have come out of this, due to this the disease occurs only in women. The symptom of PGAD disease is that it leads to a great desire for sex. According to a survey, before menopause (in women, when menstruation or period stops for 1 year continuously, it is called menopause) before the onset of menopause.

Examples of PGAD disease:

1. A nurse named Kim Ramsay, a 44-year-old living in New York, needs sex a hundred times a day. If anything happens, she gets excited and after that she needs sex. It was Hua Kim that many years ago Kim fell down the stairs after which she had recurrent arousal for sex (PGAD).

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2. Amanda, a 24-year-old girl from Florida, USA, experiences orgasm 50 times a day. The woman has been suffering from Persistent Genital Arrhythmia Disorder (PGAD) for the past decade. Amanda explains that 'It can happen anytime and sometimes I have to deal with this problem one after the other five times. It is not enjoyable from anywhere and it is like torture for me. '