In this custom, Men and women get separated after they get into a physical relationship only one time after marriage


The Mojo community lives in Yunnan, Sichuan Province and Yongning City, China. The Mojo community is matriarchal. Mojo is a minority community in China with a population of around 56,000. Their marriage is very unique here which is known as the Walking Marriage.

In this practice, the man returns to his home after spending one night with the woman and he is not responsible for raising the children. The joint family system is found in the Mojo family. Several generations live together in a large wooden house. Often they live together in a large hallowed room with no private bedroom.

But when the girl from the Mojo community turns 13, she gets a separate private bedroom. That room is called Hufeng. The walking marriage ceremony is performed in Hufeng itself.