How the son, who has cremated 3 years ago, returned home alive in lockdown!


Many people have died due to the corona epidemic, the number of patients is also increasing every day, while the 'dead son' of a family returned alive in the middle of the corona epidemic in Chhatarpur, Madhya Pradesh. Three years ago in the Bijawar area of ​​Chhatarpur, a skeleton was found in the Maunasaiah forest of Bijawar which was identified by the Bhagola tribals as his son, the family also performed the funeral of the skeleton-like his son.

Now due to Corona crisis, laborers from many states are returning home, in such a situation, suddenly a young man Udaya Adivasi reached his home in Dillari village, people were shocked, Uday went to Gurugram in Haryana and resented his family three years ago. Worked in a factory, he came back home when the lockdown occurred.

The dead man has returned, now the question is, whose last family was the skeletons cremated? Now the police are investigating this matter.