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Discover America

By the way, the history of India is older than America. But even today, America is ahead of countries like India, China, Russia, Japan in terms of progress. Talking about the beginning of the history of America, it is considered close to 1492 AD. When Columbus set out to find India, he discovered America. At that time, Columbus was not aware that there exists any continent other than Asia, Europe, Africa on earth.

Independence of 13 colonies

At that time, in the eastern part of present-day America, the British had established about 13 different colonies. These colonies included people from Europe as well as Europe. From about 1607 to 1733, the people of Europe and the original inhabitants of America often had a war in which Europeans won.

In 1776, these 13 colonies declared independence. Because they did not like the policies of the British Government. He named his new country the United States. After all, after a long war, America got recognition of a separate country. In 1788, the US enacted its constitution. The first President of which was George Washington.

Spread of America

In the photo above you can see those 13 colonies. At that time, America was just like that. But in 1803, the US bought the territory of Louisiana from France. After that, America has already tripled. After that America fought with Mexico in which America defeated Mexico. After which America occupied the remaining places. And the territory of that small America is as much as it is today. After that, there was some civil war in America, but finally, America recovered from it.

Industrial development in America

Between 1865 and 1940, new factories were started in America. And here new things started to be invented. Seeing the progress of America, many Europeans settled in America. After a few years, America started the Telegraph, etc. which started connecting people. Because railways, electricity, and telephones, etc. came to America faster than other countries, therefore, America was able to develop at a faster pace.

Because America's development started in 1865, today it has surpassed countries like India, Russia, China. But soon these countries will also become equal to America.