Here the birds do such work after the sun sets; you will be surprised to know it


There are many such mysteries in the world which, despite the millions of efforts of scientists and scholars, are still unresolved. Some have been solved, but hundreds of mysteries are still unresolved and scientists have not been able to solve them. Let us tell you about such a secret ... We are talking about Jatinga village in Assam, where thousands of birds come together once a year to commit suicide. This is a natural mystery that has yet to be solved.

Let us tell you that Jatinga is a very beautiful valley of Assam. This region is especially famous for its orange orchards and people come from far and wide to visit here. Also, the incident of committing suicide in a group of birds has also caught the attention of the people. The most surprising thing here is that no single bird commits suicide, but all suicides occur in groups.

This is done by almost all types of migratory birds available here. Birds such as Kingfisher, Tiger Byton and Little Egret fall prey to this mysterious death. Now the question may be arising in your mind that why do so many birds commit suicide together? There have been many searches so far regarding the Jatinga bird suicide but the reason could not be found. Many ornithologists believe that this rare phenomenon is due to magnetic force.

When the winds start blowing rapidly in damp and foggy weather, the birds start flying around the lights when it’s dark at night. This is a time when he is in a trance and while flying fast, he collides with a nearby tree and wall and dies. But the people living here call it a hindrance of ghosts.