Here Hanumanji shows the miracle, change its form 3 times a day


There are many such mysterious temples in the world but India is said to be the city of temples. Right from there, you have heard many ancient religious places and the statue of god placed here and their miracles. But, today we are going to tell you about a temple where the image of Lord Hanuman changes its form three times a day. By the way, you must have seen many temples of Hanuman ji, the god of strength and wisdom. Where you have seen Hanuman ji standing, sitting or lying statue. But, have you ever seen or heard the statue of Hanuman ji with your eyes, if not, then you can see here and can go to this temple and visit it directly.

भगवान हनुमान

Tell us, this wonderful statue of Lord Hanuman is established in a religious place called Surajkund near Purava Village near Mandla of Madhya Pradesh. The special thing of this statue is that in twenty-four hours natural form of the statue changes three times. At the same time, if the priest of the temple believes that the statue of Hanuman ji is in the form of a child, from 4 am to 10 o'clock in the morning, and from 10 pm to 6 pm, the form of a youth and the whole night from 6 o'clock become old age. By the way, here devotees come from far and wide to visit this three-dimensional Hanuman ji. If the locals believe that this statue of Viraj Hanuman ji is rare in the temple of Surajkund and it is rare to see such a statue and anywhere.