For the first time, NASA is sending helicopters on Mars, its connection with India


Human nature always has new experiments and discoveries. It has always been interesting to know about the different planets in space. Among them, Mars is the most special, because it is believed that if any planet other than Earth can be fit for humans, then it is Mars. There is also evidence of water being present here. The search is still on. The US space agency NASA is about to launch its 'Mars mission' for a similar innovation. The most important thing about this mission is that for the first time NASA will send a drone helicopter along with the rover to Mars. For this reason, the mission has been named Perceived Mares Rover and Engineer Helicopter.

According to NASA, the rover will gather information on the surface of Mars while flying by helicopter. It has a Mars Rover weighing 1000 kg while a drone helicopter weighs two kg. The rover also has a Mars Environmental Dynamics Analyzer, which will detect temperature, dust, air pressure, and radiation, etc. This will make it easier to know whether Mars is worth living by humans. If all goes well, Mars Rover may land on the surface of Mars by February 18, 2021.

Mars rover will run with nuclear power

NASA says that Mars Rover will run with nuclear power. For the first time, plutonium is being used as fuel in a rover. According to NASA, this rover will operate on Mars for 10 years. There are 23 cameras in it. Apart from this, a robotic arm of seven feet and a drill machine is also in it. Actually, in almost every mission of space, a drill machine is sent along with the rover so that it can take surface samples.

What will rovers and helicopters do on Mars

Rovers and helicopters will study the weather of Mars. In addition, they will also work to make oxygen from carbon dioxide there. This will greatly ease astronauts visiting Mars in the future, as they will have almost all the information about Mars.

An Indian-origin girl named helicopter

The drone helicopter being sent to Mars along with Mars Rover is named Engenuti. The name is given by 17-year-old Vanija Rupani of Indian origin. She teaches at a school in North Port, Alabama. In fact, a competition was held about what to name the helicopter, in which 28,000 contestants participated. At the end of this competition, the name suggested by Vanija was officially stamped. Engututi in Hindi means the inventive character of a person.