Even today women have to bear the curse of Yudhishthira - knowing about it will surprise you!


Today we are going to tell you about a mythological story of Mahabharata, due to which women are facing this curse even today and knowing this fact you will be very surprised, so definitely read till the end.

This story is from the time when Karna died during the war of Mahabharata and after Karna's death Yudhishthira came to know that he had his brother and was the elder brother of Pandavas when Yudhishthira came to know about this. That his mother Kunti hid this thing from the Pandavas.

Yudhishthira cursed the woman caste that no matter how much a women tries, they will not be able to digest anything in their stomachs. It has become the habit of women that they are unable to keep any secret and tell it in one way or another.