Death Valley: Here the stones themselves move for many kilometers, even scientists could not lift the veil from this mystery


The whole world is full of many mysteries. Many of these mysteries are such that to date have not been solved. Today we are going to tell you about one of these secrets. Today we are going to tell you about Death Valley which is located in America. Here the stones move on their own and reach from one place to another. But no one knows why this happens. When the stones move from one place to another, marks are made in the dust.

How do these stones move on their own? A lot of research has been done about this till now but the reason for this is not understood. For these reasons, many tourists from abroad come to see this mysterious place. This place is located in the southeast of California near the state of Nevada and is spread over a radius of 225 kilometers. No one has seen these stones moving, but after sliding them, a long line is formed behind them.

Scientists from all over the world give different theories about these stones. In the year 1972, a group of 10 scientists came here to unveil this mystery and during this, they studied on a stone for 7 years.

The stone they were studying was a 317 kg stone but it did not move at all during their research. At the same time, after a few years, as soon as the scientists again reached there to locate that stone, it was found about 1 kilometer away. According to many scientists, these stones move due to strong winds. But scientists have different views on this.

Some people say that supernatural powers move these stones. At the same time, according to researchers from Complutense University in Spain, the stones move due to the microbes present in the soil. These microbes make the soil greasy. Due to this, the stones start sliding on the soil.