Crime desk : The young man first kidnapped the girl and then committed this abusive work


These days, there are such incidents, which make the golden blood tremble and the blood of the body boil that the accused Masum also make the girls a victim of their lust, one such incident is due to the discovery of the shorans on Pilani Dewar Road in Jhunjhunu district of Rajasthan. It has come to the fore where a case of raping a child has come up.

According to the information received, the police said that the girl was playing with her elder brother, when a young man came on his scooty and escaped after sitting the girl on his scooty and raped the girl a little away from the village.

After this, when the family members complained about this, the police searched for the girl, the girl was found blood-soaked away from the village, after this, the police admitted the girl to the hospital and arrested the accused in a short time. The condition of the girl is currently critical and has been referred to Jaipur.