Coffin Homes: Click here to know why are people forced to live in a 'matchbox' house in Hongkong?


There are many beautiful places in the world, which people come from many countries to see. One such place is Hong Kong. Thousands of foreigners come here to visit. Here you will get to see tall buildings, luxury life and much more. But there is also a section living here for whom living here is not less than hell. They are forced to live in the coffin home here.

There are very small, narrow rooms with a kitchen, bed, and bathroom in one place. Many people are forced to live in these. Getting a house here is so expensive that the common man cannot even think about it. The rent here is also very high due to which many people cannot afford it. Because of this many people have to live in these 'matchboxes' like Coffin Home. In many places, 180 square feet of space is also divided into many parts and their rooms are made.

Lakhs of people live here

According to government data, around 2 lakh people live in Coffin Home. Due to lack of money, they are forced to live there. The people living here say that the house may be small but it should be it's own.

The history of Coffin Home is years old

The history of these Coffin Homes goes back many years. According to the information, many Chinese migrants came here in the 1950s in search of work, and due to lack of accommodation, coffin homes were built for them here.