Click here to know what is such a disease, that this girl started looking 144 years old at the age of 18!


A girl in the UK had a very rare disease. The age of this girl was only 18 years but she started looking 144 years old at such a young age. Due to this disease, 18-year-old Ashanti Smith, who lived in West Sussex, UK, died on 17 July.

The name of this disease is Hutchinson-Gilford Progeria Syndrome. Under this, there are heart-related problems, the age of a person starts appearing older.

Ashanti Smith's parents shared things related to the brave daughter's life with the people after the daughter's death. Due to this syndrome, her age increased by about 8 years in a year. Slowly, her face was starting to look old. Her mother Louise Smith told that she now wants to help other children with this syndrome like her daughter.