Bulletproof jacket made of spider web is going to be used for the military protection


Weapons present in any army soldiers help protect them. In such a situation, bulletproof jackets are also very important which stop the enemy's bullets before they hit the body. In such a situation, when this bulletproof jacket is so important, can you think that now it is being woven with spider webs. Yes, it is being done by Craig Biocraft Laboratories of America which is trying to make a spider silk jacket. It is being claimed that the spider webs are so strong that if they are woven properly, they can also prevent rapid gunfire. Experts believe that some spiders make a special kind of fibre that can work miraculously if used for military protection. But what is this and how will it work, let us tell you.

According to experts, some special spiders make silk. It is called spider silk which is a type of protein fibre. This silk is much lighter, resilient and very strong as compared to very good quality silk. It is such high-quality silk that it can be made from jackets for the army to surgical suits for the doctors. So far, gloves have been seen which are under testing.

Its speciality makes it quite important. It is said that this silk is much stronger than the Kevlar used in the current jacket. This ultra-strong spider silk is one of the most compelling natural fibres ever discovered. Its speciality is that if it is used for the army as a jacket, it is capable of protecting soldiers from bullets during a fight or encounter.

In this regard, Kim Thompson, CEO of Craig Biocraft Laboratories, believes that the silk is so strong that it naturally reduces the energy of hunting and that is why it is needed to make jackets for soldiers. Experts say that by wearing this silk jacket, the army will feel light and comfortable. With this, the army will also be very active. Their running and fighting abilities will also increase.

The positive results of the experiment done on this jacket have also come in Science Journal. Although it is not yet possible to predict how long this jacket will be ready, if it is successful and continues to be used even further, then the first undergarments will be made for the army.