Bizarre News: World's most cruel ruler Timur lang who made a tower of two thousand of alive people


Today, most countries of the world including India have democratic governance. But before the democratic system, there was a system of monarchy, in which the kings always used to do something to maintain their supremacy. Some people wanted to rule in peace, while some people crossed all the limits of cruelty for it. But today we are going to tell you about a cruel ruler who is called by the people as an enemy of peace and humanity.

We are talking about the fourteenth-century ruler Timur Lung. After his father ascended the throne in 1369 AD as the emir of Samarkand, Timur set out for world victory. While conquering many countries, Timur invaded India in 1398 AD and advanced to Delhi. According to history, he stayed in Delhi for only 15 days. He looted heavily with the soldiers and returned to his homeland with all the goods.

India was already popular worldwide for its prosperity and splendour. Because of this, this country has always been the target of invaders. Timur Lung also heard a lot about India. Therefore, to plunder the wealth here, he planned an attack. In India, Timur Lung looted a lot of wealth but at the same time as he was leaving from Delhi for Samarkand, he took many young and captive women and artisans along with him.

Although Timur Lang had adopted the method of Gauge Khan, in the case of cruelty and ruthlessness, he had gone one step ahead of Genghis Khan. In history, Timur Lung has been described as a bloody warrior. Whenever Timur used to enter the field for war, there was a pool of blood and dead bodies are scattered in the filed in a large number. It is said that in one place he built a tower on two thousand alive people.

Story of becoming Timur Lung from Timur

Taimur Lung was earlier named only Taimur. The story of the lame joining behind the name is an important event in his life. According to historical facts, the right part of Timur's body was badly injured at a young age. Historians believe that Timur's condition was caused by an accident. Timur worked as a mercenary in mines falling in Khorasan. He was injured during an accident in the same mine.

Different historians have different opinions about Timur. Syrian historian Ibne Arab Shah says that a shepherd grazing a sheep wounded Timur with his arrow while stealing a sheep. One arrow of the shepherd was placed on Timur's shoulder and another arrow on the hip.