Bizarre News: These cafes have strange names, but everyone would like to come here to eat


Today in this article, we are going to tell you about some hotels and cafes in India called Ajibo-Garib. So let's know.

Toilet, hijack! Oh, don't move like this! These are not abuses, but they are the names of some cafes and hotels in India. Today in this article, we are going to tell you about some hotels and cafes in India, whose name will make you think for two minutes that is it for real? Is this right? Yes, there are some cafes and hotels in India which are named strange, but everyone would like to come here. Perhaps you have also heard about these hotels and cafes, if not, then know through this article today. So let's start with-

Nature's Toilet Cafe, Gujarat

Hearing the name of this cafe, you must be surprised for a few seconds. Let me tell you that even though the name of this cafe is associated with the word toilet, it is based on the cafe toilet theme. This means that people have to sit and sit on the toilet seat instead of table, chair or couch. This cafe also has a toilet garden. This cafe is in Ahmedabad city of Gujarat. If you want to get a different experience then you must go here.

21 Fahrenheit, Mumbai

21 Fahrenheit i.e. you can call it -6 degree Celsius temperature. This cafe is made entirely of ice. This cafe is in Mumbai city. In this cafe, ice plates are used to serve anything. Not only this, but there is also a table and chair made of ice for sitting. If you want to experience eating at -6 degree temperature then you must visit this cafe.

Hijack Restaurant, Chennai

good! One question to you, have you ever seen a mobile restaurant. Probably not! Anyway, This restaurant in Chennai is mobile. That is, this restaurant is built on a double-decker bus. Here you can experience a long drive along with a delicious meal. Hijack Restaurants is located in Ahmedabad, Rajkot and Surat apart from Chennai.

Test of Darkness, Hyderabad

Test of darkness means darkness. If you like to eat in the dark, then this restaurant is perfect for you, because there is no light in this restaurant. Food is served here in the dark. Instructions are given here for eating food in the dark. If your common sense is strong, then this restaurant is also right for you.

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