Bizarre: Know about the Death Valley of America, where tourists are going to take a selfie with an extreme thermometer.


These days, the new trend of heat tourism is in the trend, people travel thousands of miles and go to the 'Death Valley' of Nevada in the US and take a selfie with a thermometer there.

The biggest problem of Death Valley is that the temperature here often rises to 130 degrees F or more, anyone can die from the heat falling here, there is not even a trace of water, even if the water is available, Is saline

Death Valley has always been a center of attraction for tourists. By walking here it seems as if we are walking in a microwave oven, more than 5 lakh people come to visit this valley every year with an extreme thermometer installed in Death Valley. People post pictures on social media

Tourists come to this place only to experience the hot weather and take a selfie with a very large thermometer installed there.

The people of Europe come here only to experience the temperature. People coming to Death Valley sit on their AC and turn on to take selfies with thermometers where the temperature rises.