An unofficial tradition of burying live people! Click here to know more


We all know that every country in the world has different traditions. In this tradition, a living human is buried in the ground. This practice is popularly known as Booji Festival in Cuba. In this festival the person alive is buried. In it, one man is locked in a coffin and is rotated on the streets of the city.

A large number of people, including his relatives and friends, follow behind the coffin. Everyone drunkenly clapped and sang and danced while drunk. Not only this, a woman with white hair becomes the widow of that person.

For information, let us tell you that this festival has been celebrated in Cuba for the last 30 years. Its name is Burial of Pachancho. Although this festival is meant to bury someone alive, looking at the view here, you will feel as if someone is getting married. The festival started in the year 1984. It is considered to be based on the termination of local carnival and a sign of new birth.