Ajab-Gajab: Due to her beauty and a sharp mind, this woman had ruled in the world of espionage, due to this she was in discussion


Internet desk. You will be surprised to know that women are also less than anyone in the matter of espionage. Today we are going to give you information about a female detective who ruled the world of espionage due to her beauty and sharp mind.

The female detective we are going to talk about is a woman named Mata Hari. Born in the Netherlands in 1876, Mata Hari left men behind in the case of espionage. Mata Hari's real name was Gertrude Margaret Zelle. Apart from being a detective, Mata Hari was also a good dancer.

According to reports, Mata Hari was used by Germany to spy for Germany during World War I. For this, they used to get money. However, Mata Hari was shot dead in France after being accused of being a double agent.